10 Non-Sexual Ways To Boost The Intimacy In Relationship-For Babe & Dude

Non-Sexual Ideas That Help You Connect…

Non-Sexual Ways To Get Close To Your Mate

Here we go…

  1. Exercise is Wise

Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together. So duo exercise together and stay fit together.

  1. Meal can Heal

Cook meal for his/her while dancing to music. Tune into your favourite melody & let the music cook the food

  1. Cuddle is Cute

Cuddle and make out like you did in the beginning. Reminisce about your first date or the first time you slept together

  1. Date your Mate

Dating is fun, so go on a date, especially near coastline or beach side

  1. Eye-to-Eye

Each day spend at least 5mins with each other and stare into each other’s eyes without talking

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  1. Hug often, often and often

When you hug someone, you share your warmth, and sharing warmth make you feel good. So feel good in each other’s spirit

  1. Walk & Talk

At least once a week, take a walk together, go hand in hand and talk about life

  1. Massage Magic

Give each other a ten-minute massage before bed. Yes! It has Magic in it…Try it…

  1. Message Magic

Send each other a flirtatious or romantic text message, if not romantic, simply share some good thoughts that lets your spouse know you’re thinking about him/her.

  1. Pillow talk

Pillow talk can do wonder, before you dive into sleeping. Lay in bed for some minutes, do pillow talk when you first get home from work.



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