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Anger Management Tips For Youth

Some feelings are hard to cope with and ‘Anger’ is one of them.  Know some ‘Anger Management Tips’ For Babe n Dude Do you constantly get annoyed or angry about anything and everything – on family, at office, on traffic, on children activity, on career, on weight issues, on relationship, on friends…Uncontrolled anger can ruin your health, career, relationships and… Read more →

Do you know??? Health Special

Do you know??? Farting helps reduce high blood pressure (HBP)? Banging head against a wall burns calories? Holding your breath help with hiccups? Yawning cools down an overheated brain, allows us to think more clearly and have a better concentration? Masturbation is a good sleeping pill? It’s time to try a new sleep aid Tongue scraping reduces the chances of developing… Read more →