Do you know??? Health Special

Do you know???

  1. Farting helps reduce high blood pressure (HBP)?

  2. Banging head against a wall burns calories?

  3. Holding your breath help with hiccups?

  4. Yawning cools down an overheated brain, allows us to think more clearly and have a better concentration?

  5. Masturbation is a good sleeping pill? It’s time to try a new sleep aid

  6. Tongue scraping reduces the chances of developing dental gum disease and cold?

  7. Barefoot walking, running activates the smaller muscles in feet, ankles, legs, and even hips that are responsible for better balance & coordination?

  8. Sneezing is annoying, but it is necessary? It protects your body by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses?

  9. Thinking about muscles can make you stronger?

  10. Regular and frequent blinking keeps your eyes well lubricated and nourished?


Babe: Exercise like walking, can reduce breast cancer risk by 25%?

Dude: Father’s diet before conception plays an important role in a child’s health?


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