Anger Management Tips For Youth

Some feelings are hard to cope with and ‘Anger’ is one of them.  Know some ‘Anger Management Tips’ For Babe n Dude

Do you constantly get annoyed or angry about anything and everything – on family, at office, on traffic, on children activity, on career, on weight issues, on relationship, on friends…Uncontrolled anger can ruin your health, career, relationships and so forth.

It’s normal to get angry, but we must know how to control it. Consider these anger management tips and say bye-bye to anger.

Express Your Anger

Suppressing or holding anger is unhealthy. Try to express it productively via talking, dancing, writing…Don’t hold in your anger, stop thinking about it, and focus on the positive side.

Count Till 10 And Breathe In & Out

Got angry on something or on someone? Before you say or do something, count till 10 and breathe. These 10 seconds have magic within that will help you think before reacting in the heat of the moment.

Take A Break

Move yourself away from the heated situation. Take a time out and go for a short walk. Giving a break will help you reinterpret the situation and deal with it in a better way.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga helps in calming us down. Savasana is one of best asana to control anger. Even a few minutes of meditation can do wonder to kill your anger.

Exercise, Gyming And Physical activity

Exercising, gyming, or any kind of physical activity are the best things to release all the negativity from your mind. It can help release tension, help you feel lighter and better.

#If you feel your anger escalating, go to gym, burn some calories there, or just go out for a walk or do some enjoyable physical activities.

Act the Opposite

Strange but solid formula to slow down anger. Smile instead of frown, laugh instead of rage. One of the quickest ways to change a painful feeling is to act the opposite.

#Remember Boman Irani in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., where he uses laughter as a medium to let go anger.

The Power of Water

Remember, anger is a fire that rises within you, and fire can be extinguished by water. So drink water, take a bath, or dive into swimming pool.

Note: Remind yourself often that anger never fixes anything rather make things worse.


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