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The news stories recently have become quite depressing with scams, violence and conspiracy cropping up left and right. Here are some of the top news trends that have been splashed across the headlines of newspapers in recent times across the nation. Social Media Exposed- #deletefacebook movement People all across India and the world have taken part in the #deletefacebook movement… Read more →

Acer Launches Lightest Laptop ‘Acer Swift 5’ In India, Weighs 970 Grams, At Rs.79,999

Acer has introduced one of the lightest laptops in the world ‘Acer Swift 5’ weighs less than 1 kg, only 970gms. Priced at Rs.79,999, this newly launched laptop is available in company’s exclusive stores and other leading retailers. Key Specifications: 14-inch FHD display with narrow bezels Weighs 970gms, 9 mm thin 8th Generation Intel Core Processor Running on Windows 10… Read more →

Football Star Neymar Jr. Appointed As TCL’s Global Brand Ambassador

TCL, one of the leading consumer electronics brand has appointed Football Star Neymar Jr. company’s Global Brand Ambassador. Neymar Jr. is one of the most influential and widely recognized athletes. The partnership with 26-year-old Brazilian football star is TCL’s latest initiative in an extensive program of premium sports sponsorships globally. This association will help TCL embrace a wide audience of young sports fans globally and strengthen TCL’s… Read more →

Budget Session 2018 – Key Highlights For Youth

President ‘Ram Nath Kovind’ addressed both the Houses in the Central Hall of the Parliament. Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ arrived at Parliament for the Budget Session 2018. Govt. is devoted to double the income of farmers by 2022 year. UNESCO acknowledged ‘Kumbh Mela’ as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Govt. has improved the min. wage of labourers by upto 40%. Working… Read more →

Republic Day 2018 : Important Things Every Youth Should Know

On January 26th, 1950 the Indian Constitution officially went into effect, acting as the final mark in establishing the country’s independence. This day is commemorated each year as Republic Day. 2018 will see India’s 69th Republic Day Celebrations. A number of activities and events are held each year on this special day. Republic Day is akin to Independence Day in… Read more →

Powerful Yet Inspiring Stories Of Women In 2017

Anny Divya-World’s youngest female commander to fly Boeing 777 The 30-year-old woman made headlines this year after she became the youngest female commander in the world to fly a Boeing 777. Anny went to Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (flying school) after obtaining a scholarship and finished her training by the age of 19. Shortly thereafter she worked with Air… Read more →

Top 10 Popular, Creative & Meaningful Advertisements Of 2017

Ads Which Rocked Our Thinking in 2017   Ariel’s “Share The Load” One of the most popular ads watched, this detergent company encouraged the male members to take part of the load literally, and do their part. The video was watched by many including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg who called it one of the most powerful ads she’d ever seen.… Read more →

Top Controversies Of 2017 In India

Conjecture in the nation: A look at the top controversies this year 1.Priyanka Chopra and PM Modi Priyanka Chopra has now been elevated to the status of a global star. Earlier this year, the actress came under the limelight for a photo shared on social media of her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many took offense at Chopra’s outfit which… Read more →

Top 10 Laws Of 2017 Pushing India To A Brighter Future

This year has been filled with a lot of groundbreaking judgments which paved way for many reforms. Each of these laws in their own unique way have proved that the future of India looks promising for the years to come. Youth must know these laws. Take a look. ‘Privacy’ is a ‘Fundamental Right’ On 24thAugust 2017, the Supreme Court ruled… Read more →

Christmas & Hindus: Santa Bless Us All

Christmas is a holiday celebrated by people all around the world. Even though the holiday is traditionally celebrating the birth of Jesus, but with time, it has gained meaning beyond that and people from various backgrounds can be seen taking part in Christmas festivities. Many people erect Christmas trees, decorate them with various ornaments, put up lights, stars and other… Read more →

If Gandhi Ji was on Instagram – Gandhi Jayanti Special

If Gandhi Ji was alive and if we were still under the relentless rule of the British, would events have been the same? Obviously not. Protests from a few decades ago greatly vary with the ones that take place in modern days. The main difference being that it is easier to start an uprising to bring together people against a… Read more →

New Currencies- Applaud or Boo?

The RBI has released new currencies and India has been taken by storm with mixed reviews and questions about how effective the new currencies are. Majority of the youth have hope in the fact that the new currencies will reap benefits for the future generations as it will aid in strengthening the economy and easing transactions. With the government and… Read more →

This Durga Puja Festival, Visit These Places

This Festival, Visit These Places  The festive season is alight with young souls filled with hopes to explore a better world in their coming days. It is quite common to see the modern wanderlust youngsters look forward to exploring new terrain a method of enriching themselves. Here are some of the places to visit during Durga Puja. Arambagh: This hosts… Read more →

Happy Navaratri 2017- Foods To Try

Navaratri brings welcome to a new set of fasts and sacrifices for foodies. The youth may be disappointed for the period the occasion lasts, but there are always tasty alternatives that can be consumed during such times of selective abstinence. It may sound surprising, but there are dishes that can tingle foodies taste bud during Navaratri! Here are a few… Read more →

Revealed- How The Youth Can Survive The Blue Whale Era

The Blue Whale challenge is one that has been taking the world by storm resulting in a slew of suicides across the globe. The Russian developers of the challenge have been arrested but there appears to be more curators of the game in hiding. Is blue whale a concern for the Indian youth? Of course! India has witnessed about half… Read more →

Teacher’s Day Special: Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Ho?

Teacher’s Day, Special Day Technology has changed the world and information and education have witnessed a great revolution, with which students can be fed access to any bit of knowledge they desire. However, how smart are they in reality? Studies have found that access to large amounts of information does not make an individual smarter. In fact, too much information… Read more →

Youth Wants to Know: Who’s Next Baba In Convict Line?

Youth Wants to Know: Ab kis Baba ka number hain?   Of late, Babajis have become the butt of all jokes. With self claimed God-man Ram Rahim facing his ten year sentence, youngsters across the nation watch and wonder who is next? The trend of God-men like Rahim being accused of exploiting their devotees for illegal activities is far from… Read more →


God men are a rage among many sections of the youth who seek spiritual guidance. Despite many having outspoken reservations about the dubbed ‘God men’, sections of the youth still have their favorite ‘God men’ and idolize them. Cases like Swami Nithyanantha, Asaram Bapu and Baba Ram Rahim have shaken the media. The most recent case of Baba Ram Rahim… Read more →

Sarahah Users: Beware, Know The Truth Behind App

The harmless word Sarahah, which means ‘honesty’ in Arabic, has taken the app world by storm. In less than a month this app has gotten approx. 10 million downloads and still counting. The Sarahah App was originally developed as a system of giving ‘Constructive Feedback’ or you can say ‘Anonymous Messages’. But this blog, we have written to make Sarahah… Read more →

Independence Day Celebration Ideas For Youth

First, let’s salute our brave Armed Forces, Soldiers for their sacrifices. On 15th of August, we celebrate our freedom, our independence, only because of them. However, the patriotic fervor seems to be lacking these days. The tricolor of our Indian flag is undoubtedly pinned in places, in schools doing their traditional routines, but the college going and office going youth… Read more →

Raksha Bandhan Special-Youth! Celebrate Rakhi In New Style

Spruce up your RAKHI celebration with your siblings The bond between brothers and sisters are quite rare. This special bond is celebrated here in India by tying a special Rakhi on the hand of one’s beloved brother while receiving chocolates/gifts/cash in return. But, the celebration of Raksha Bandhan has become quite a monotonous one in recent years, losing its colourful… Read more →