Stellar’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service helping businesses, individuals recover data

Now recover data seamlessly while working remotely through Stellar’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service Stellar has introduced it’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service in India that enables its customers to avail data recovery service at a real-time basis and resolve the data loss crisis in the present global exigency caused by Coronavirus i.e. COVID-19. Company’s ‘Online/Remote Data Recovery’ service requires just a… Read more →

The War Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Contribution by Companies

In the battle against deadly Coronavirus which has engulfed 6 out of all 7 continents, almost all individuals and groups are fighting back in their own ways. The Government of different nations is imposing restrictions on transportation, travel, and public places; people are on self- quarantine and new testing centers are under installation. Every moment we see that fight against… Read more →

Myths vs Facts – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  Share FACT, not FEAR Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are spreading all over the world at an alarming rate. To protect themselves and people around, some folks have been sharing facts whereas some are spreading rumors to spark fear amid the panic. As COVID-19 is a deadly disease, therefore, it is crucial to separate facts from rumors, and hence, Babendude… Read more →

Coronavirus Impact: List Of Events Postponed, Canceled Globally

Amidst the scare and prevention against COVID-19, Global events are either being postponed, canceled or being moved. Most of these events are organized periodically which includes various sport events, music festivals, conferences, food festivals, wellness events, political happenings and many more in which masses participate. Some major events happening in 2020 are Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Expo 2020 in Dubai,… Read more →

Coronavirus COVID19 Impact On Chaitra Navratri, Ram Navami Festival

  Ahead of Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami, Babendude Team appeals devotees to celebrate the festival at home and avoid visiting a temple or doing religious gatherings. The Government has instructed district magistrates and police authorities to converse with religious leaders and take their help in driving home this message of avoiding any gatherings during this festive week. Chaitra Navratri… Read more →

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Our Mother Earth Is Taking A Break! Are You?

    Coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic growing sharply at an accelerated pace has been hurting the economy by calling off on traveling and tourism, workplaces, shopping malls, theatres, and other major happening places. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the usual density of the crowds in public places across the world cannot be witnessed with each passing day. As the… Read more →

World Kidney Day: Protect Your Kidney, Lead A Healthier Life  

  The multi-functional fist-sized organs, Kidneys are located at the bottom of a person’s rib cage, on both sides of the spine. The main function of Kidneys is ‘filtration of waste products, excess water, and other impurities from blood of a person’. On World’s Kidney Day, Babendude brings to you some useful tips to protect your kidneys from today’s noxious… Read more →

Coronavirus makes the festival of colors Holi ‘colorless’

Impact of Corona on Holi Holi, the festival of colors and happiness is here, but the novel coronavirus has scared people worldwide. Sales of Holi products plunge as the fear of infectious disease grips consumer sentiments. This year, Holi traders witness a huge downfall amid COVID-19 outbreak otherwise they claim that there would be a mind-boggling sight under normal situations.… Read more →

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): All You Need To know  

Coronavirus: The Past, Present, and Future What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus (abbreviated “COVID-19”), the fast-spreading disease is a virus that causes illness ranging from the common cough & cold to fever, shortness of breath and severe respiratory symptoms i.e. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome & Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The new Coronavirus infection, with a considerable number of infectious cases morphing from… Read more →

Babendude Wishing You ‘International Women’s Day’-  #EachforEqual

#EachforEqual campaign has become a symbol to be marked around the world by celebrating women’s achievements, fighting prejudices and breaking stereotypes. As the campaign highlights, forging gender parity in diverse areas and building a more harmonious world. International Women’s Day is about understanding women’s strength and valuing their worth. Since ancient times, women have faced hurdles to overcome odds and… Read more →

Donald Trump India Visit- All You Need To Know

The largest city in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has been decked up to the hilt to host US President ‘Donald Trump’, First Lady of the US ‘Melania Trump’, daughter ‘Ivanka’, son-in-law ‘Jared Kushner’ along with high-level delegation as they will be on an official two-day visit to India on February 24 and 25. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will personally… Read more →

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Promise – Aam Aadmi Party 2020 Manifesto

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convener ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ promises the following landmark initiates in its Manifesto. Every Delhiites should be aware of these initiatives. Take a look! TO BRING DOORSTEP DELIVERY OF RATION: To ensure dignity, transparency, and accountability in the supply of food ration and make sure ‘Food Security’ for all. TEERTH YATRA FOR 10 LAKH SENIOR CITIZENS:… Read more →

Union Budget 2020-21- Key Highlights By FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Please take a look at some of the sector-wise key highlights of the Union Budget 2020-21 presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Tax: A new tax regime has been announced for taxpayers. Please note:- Those who want to be in the old tax regime with exemptions, can continue to pay the old rates. Companies not required to pay ‘Dividend Distribution… Read more →

National Register of Citizenship (NRC): All You Need To Know

We have been hearing about the National Register of Citizenship (NRC) a lot these days, but should be care? Well, Yes. Read this short 5-minute informative blog to know everything that an Indian should know about NRC. What is National Register of Citizenship (NRC)? The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register maintained by the Government of India consist… Read more →

10 Quick Facts About Constitution Of India : Indian Constitution Day

India celebrates 26th November as the Indian Constitution Day. Let’s know some quick, important, less known facts. The preamble to the Constitution declares India a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and a welfare state dedicated to secure justice, liberty, equality for the people and for promoting fraternity, dignity, unity & integrity of the individual and the nation. ALSO READ- COVID-19 (Corona… Read more →

Free Workshops On Next-Gen DIY Photo, A/V Recovery, Software’s & More By Stellar

Stellar conducts free-to-attend tech-focus, a smart workshop for the photography community Stellar has announced a special initiative named it ‘Recover Your Best Times’ workshop to spread awareness on next-gen DIY photo, Audio/Video recovery and repair software and services. These free workshops will be conducted this whole year 2019 in all the major cities across India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik… Read more →

Motor Vehicles Act- Everything You Need To Know

Same Rules ‘But’ High Penalties   What is it? The Motor Vehicles Act is an Act of Indian Parliament which regulates all the facets of road transport vehicles. The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has come into force on 1st September 2019, stating higher penalties for violating traffic rules. It has introduced heavy fines for drunken driving, driving without… Read more →

Top 20 Highlights Of Union Budget 2019 Presented By Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Top 20 Updates Of Budget 2019:- Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the maiden budget of second Narendra Modi government in Lok Sabha on July 5, 2019 ‘Naari tu Narayaani’. This government believes that ‘with greater women participation, we can progress.’ ₹5 lakh minimum limit announced for taxpayers.  PAN and Aadhaar to be interchangeable, you can file Income Tax Return by… Read more →

Are You Sanskari Or Unsanskari?

With modernization taking over and the socioeconomic divide growing, we find that there are two types of youth. We have the youth that are considered ‘sanskari’ or traditional and well cultured and the others who shun the ‘sanskari’ title and are flexible enough to live a more daring life of being ‘unsanskari’. However, does this mean that those who choose… Read more →

India Elections 2019 And Modi Winning: All The Latest Updates

First of all, Congratulations to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The NDA notched 352 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi likely to be sworn in for his second term as Prime Minister on May 30. Now, read below some of the latest updates:- Indian share markets surge to record highs as the BJP-led NDA coalition leads. Economy –… Read more →

How To Vote – Indian General Election, 2019

Voters, please note that you can vote only if your name appears in the Voter List (Electoral Roll), you are not allowed to vote without it. You may check your name on the voters’ list on the website before visiting polling booth or election office. Every voter should first research about respective parties and candidates before voting to make a… Read more →

Top 10 Chanakya Niti Sastras For Your Personal Life

In an era where we have an abundance of information, it is easy to forget the golden teachings of olden times. Despite that fact that Chanakya Niti was written in the metaphorical ‘days of old’ it is quite astonishing that the level of relevance the teachings have in our modern lives. This well-aged piece of work is divided into both… Read more →

Top 10 Chanakya Niti Sastras For Professional Life

In an era where we have an abundance of information, it is easy to forget the golden teachings of olden times. Despite that fact that Chanakya Niti was written in the metaphorical ‘days of old’ it is quite astonishing that the level of relevance the teachings have in our modern lives. Here are some key points for professionals from the… Read more →

Gear Up For Appraisal Season – Dos and Don’ts

Appraisal season is just around the corner; employees all over are eagerly awaiting their evaluation from their respective company’s management teams. This could be the make or break of their opportunity to get their monetary boost in salary for the next year. Many employees are scratching their heads about what managers expect in order to be well appraised by their… Read more →

Modern, Eco-Friendly Holi Ideas For All Age Groups

Holi is popularly touted as the Hindu festival that celebrates Spring and honours Lord Krishna. While this is true, the festival is also observed by Sikhs, Newar Buddhists, some Jains, and other groups of non-Hindus. This festival of colours is much anticipated since it is an excuse for all age groups to get messy in colours and revive their inner child.… Read more →

Welcome Back ‘Abhinandan’- India’s Power V/S Pakistan’s Terror- Exclusive Story Coverage

India was struck by the terrible attack on their army personnel on the fateful day of February 14th, 2019. While many Indian soldiers were left martyred, the nation was set ablaze with rage demanding some form of retaliation to bring justice to the martyred souls. Prime Minister Modi set the tone for non-compromise and immediately ordered the following He gave… Read more →

February 14th, India’s Black Day- Violence or Silence

On Valentine’s Day of 2019, one would anticipate that they would spend time with their valentines and love would be spread across the nation. Unfortunately, it was terrorism’s hatred that was spread. On February 14th, 2019, 40 Indian soldiers were martyred in Pulwama district, Kashmir. Sadly, many of those war heroes were someone’s valentine… not just in the form of… Read more →

Remembering Our Lost Heroes – Pulwama Terrorist Attack

It is a natural tendency for us humans to take our freedom for granted. It is also natural for us to complain of what freedom we lack within our nation’s borders. How many times have we taken even just a moment to think about those who render themselves in service of our nation’s safety? Whatever your answer may be, let… Read more →

Top Facts About India’s Republic Day Celebrations 2019

January 26th of every year marks the India’s adoption of the constitution which has brought our nation it’s democratic status. This marks India’s Republic day that is very close to every Indian patriot’s heart. This is an occasion so auspicious that the entire nation calls it a ‘Dry Day’ by announcing that there will be no sale of alcohol on… Read more →

India’s Top 10 Developments- Recap Story

The Year 2018 has been a remarkable one in terms of progress and development of India’s infrastructure. People around the globe have applauded India for a number of causes thereby making India take one of the biggest leaps in progression all-round. Let us take a look at the milestones that India has crossed in 2018. India’s first 14 Lane Highway: In… Read more →

Bollywood Weddings: A Boon or Bane to the Youth?

The Year 2018 has witnessed some of the biggest names in Bollywood coming together in holy matrimony. We witnessed Sonam Kapoor start off her wedded bliss in style with a classy wedding and as the year progressed, the names added to the ‘hitched’ list just got bigger and the celebrations got wilder! Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi garnered a lot… Read more →

Importance Of Content- Choose The Perfect Content Partner

How to choose a perfect a content agency for your business In the digital era, we find that almost all of cyberspace is filled with content. This content can vary from advertisements, videos, and written material. Many of us may not know how content works or even gets put into place from start to finish. Let us first take a… Read more →

Air Pollution And Smog – Facts, Effects, & Precautions

India is choked to a critical condition. Despite all the bans, awareness programs, Indian states and its people are suffering and inhaling smoggy air. Rural India occupies over 60% of our nation are at a disproportionately higher risk of breathing in polluted air. Indians are beginning to wake up to the smog-filled reality but are we too late? Let us… Read more →